Bad Reviews – How One Bad Critique Can Ruin Your Business

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Bad Reviews- Let’s face it: Reviews about your company are critical. So critical, in fact, that one negative review can tarnish your company’s reputation permanently. Therefore it is important to establish a positive Internet reputation and promptly respond to customer feedback that could potentially ruin your business.


However, responding to a negative review may not undo the damage until that review has been removed or outweighed by several positive reviews. This article discusses three consequences your company could face due to one bad review as soon as it is published online.


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1: You Could See the Review Pop up on Other Sites

Bad Reviews spread fast. A negative review that someone publishes on Yelp may suddenly be published on several other review sites, including Google Reviews or even your company’s Facebook page.


And if the reviewer has Facebook friends, those friends might see the post, which can cause you to lose current or potential customers quickly.


If a customer’s negative review is based on the perception of being discriminated against, it could become headline news. We’ve seen it before. Someone might post details on Facebook about a discrimination experience. The post gets the attention of local news media.


A reporter who wants specific details of the incident might interview the unhappy customer, who may be all too willing to publicly humiliate your company. Thus, it is of paramount importance to respond to negative reviews promptly to keep things from getting out of hand.


2: You Could Lose Customers—Quickly

People tend to choose a company’s services or products based on reviews. One negative review could cause a chain reaction, and you could lose customers fast. For example, let’s say you own a pizzeria.


You receive one negative review on Yelp regarding your food or customer service. Other Yelpers generally use the mobile app to find a restaurant, especially pizzerias. Yelpers rely on the reviews when it comes to choosing places to order food.


If Yelpers see the negative review, they will likely pass on your establishment.


A perfect example of this is Ripoff Report, with millions of records and high domain authority this review platform can easily shut a small business down. If you are struggling with a negative article on RoR, contact us today for a Ripoff Report removal.


3: You Could See More Negative Reviews

When one person writes a negative review, others generally follow suit. Seeing one negative review posted makes people feel more comfortable sharing similar experiences. Not only that but friends who share unpleasant posts can post false reviews.


You cannot prevent something like this from happening, but you can be diligent about spotting false reviews, or even negative reviews, and respond to customers promptly in an attempt to rectify problems.


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