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Illinois Mugshot Law

Illinois Mugshot Law

There are statutes and laws regarding what criminal record data can be published on the internet. This article examines some of them.   Read Complete Public Act 098-0555 – Illinois General Assembly   The amendment underneath represents Section 2.15 and compares only to the publication of mugshots and criminal data by law enforcement on their …

Mugshot Removal

Mugshot Removal

If you or someone close to you has ever been arrested, you know how unbecoming mugshots can be. Unfortunately in this digital era, mugshot sites have made these criminal records readily available to anyone with an internet connection. With all your information out there, mugshot removal may seem impossible, but stick with us and we’ll …

online reputation strategies

9 Expert Strategies for Online Reputation Management

No matter if you run a business that provides a product or a service, the success of it revolves around your customers. Without customers, you have no business and no revenue. As such, keeping and gaining your customers has to be one of your top priorities.   The reputation of your company is a vital …

online reputation stats

Top 25 Online Reputation Stats Everybody Should Know in 2020

Online reputation management is a new concept to most businesses in 2020. It has always been around, typically referred to as your reputation or industry standing. Formerly tracked by word-of-mouth actions from customer to customer in hopes you generate more business.    In this digital era, your reputation or online presence can act as a …

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