Brand Reputation Management

Brand Reputation Management

What is brand reputation management? Why does every company in today’s world need to manage their reputation online?


Well, it is quite simple. Consumers are beginning to turn to the internet more and more for advice, answers, and general information. For a brand, this means you could come up as a suggestion on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Groupon and many more. That is why it is imperative that you maintain a positive image online so your new prospects can get a good first impression of your brand.


Have you ever been mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram only to see a great piece of content that makes you want to share and engage with it? As the emergence of start-up merchandise companies continues to grow we see niche markets everywhere. Positioning is everywhere and how to interact with your audience makes all the difference.


Now let’s dive into some examples of how you can maintain and monitor your brand online through brand reputation management. Whether this is done via positive reviews, free product or service offerings or even word of mouth marketing.


There is a plethora of ideas and endless marketing strategies you can implement to not only generate but maintain a positive reputation online.



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Creating a Positive Brand Reputation Management Strategy

Potential customers are always comparing products and companies when going through any buying process. Bad reviews and unmanaged social media accounts are the quickest way to lower your rate of potential customers.


When creating a positive brand reputation management strategy there are many things to keep in mind. Such as;

  • Who your ideal customer?
  • Where are they located?
  • What exactly are they looking for?
  • How much can they afford to pay?


State by creating your ideal customer personas. Grab a notebook or a whiteboard close by and start jotting down all of the answers to the questions above. Give this personas names to make it feel more realistic.


Brand Reputation Management Strategy

Brand Reputation Management Strategy


For example, if you are a gourmet coffee shop your ideal persona maybe something like this. A young to middle-aged adult with a steady income who needs a quick stop in the morning on their way to the office for some artisan coffee who can afford to spend $5+ on a cup of coffee.


You could position yourself by spending more time on the appearance of your store, keeping it modern and ensuring that your customer service is well above par. In addition, overspending on in-house supplies such as high-end coffee mugs (for those who dine in) or durable and aesthetically-pleasing travel cups for those on the go. Your goal should be to attract other people’s focus on the cup in your customer’s hand. Making them wonder, “Where did they get that coffee?!”


Apart from what you can control in-house, you must think about the variables that are out of your control and how you can minimize or eliminate any chances for a potential brand crisis to emerge.


Next, let’s take a look into other variables you can work on both on and offline to improve the overall brand reputation management efforts for your business.


Excellent Search Engine Results

When it comes to the internet, owning the front page of Google is your number one priority. Regardless of whether you sell products or services online, your brand needs to be amongst the top 10 results on Google if you have any chance of growing your online presence. By continuously working to improve the search results you may suppress any unwanted content such as information or websites of your competitors.


Whether you directly sell to your potential audience online or in-person digital marketing generates word of mouth which is still one of the highest converting FREE marketing efforts for any brand.


This could be as simple as owning the handle of all of the most popular social media accounts and posting content daily/weekly to showcase your latest products or services. Social media create a sense of transparency which can potentially open the eyes of your audience to who you really are.


For example, posting a video with a walk-around of your shop or restaurant gives potential customers an exact picture of what they can expect from you. An online menu is always a plus and even positive reviews on the first page of Google can double your foot traffic.


91% of adults in the United States use search engines to find information. However, when 50% of businesses Google themselves they say the results are not positive.


Search Engine Results

Search Engine Results


Google visitors on average never venture past the first page of Google so any brand will benefit from allocating a small portion of their marketing budget to optimizing how their brand looks online.


One of the biggest drives for new business in 2019 is the present on positive online reviews on page one of Google.


90% of consumers read online reviews before making a decision on whether or not they are going to visit a particular venue. 67% of users claimed online reviews significantly impacted their buying decision and made them trust a business more.


Limiting Negative Comments

If you are a small business this section of the article is crucial as you build your brand reputation management strategy.


The presence of negative reviews online is one of the biggest reasons for bounce-rates or for those who may have been considering your brand to leave and go with one of your competitors.


Ensuring customer satisfaction is optimal at all times will make the difference between your brand becoming a monster in your industry or fizzling out in the background as your competitors capitalize on your misfortune or negativity.


Review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor or Angie’s List offer consumers to post positive or negative feedback about their experience with a particular brand or business.



Think about it, you are on vacation and you have no idea where to go for dinner. What do you do? 90% of you will turn to your phones and Google “Best restaurants near me” or something similar for viable options. How do you sort through them?


Personally, I begin by filtering all of the results by the highest ratings first. Which ends up excluding 80% of the results that may have 3-stars or less. Review platforms give potential shoppers a glimpse of what they will experience. This plays an important role when referring customers to your brand.


Promoting Yourself Positive Online

One of the most powerful messages online is the power of positivity. Ensuring your customers know you are a trustful source for products or services will increase your revenue. Happy customers invite more customers, they do your marketing for you!


One easy way to get your rewards or achievements out to the public is through press releases and social media. Whether your marketing outreach is paid advertising or social media there are endless possibilities.


You can start by simply taking real-time photos of your brand at work. Post them to social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to not only showcase your brand to the local community but with the help of social mentions and social sharing. You can reach someone across the country who is thinking of vacationing in your town!


There are various tools to assist your efforts on social media such as Hootsuite and Canva. Hootsuite helps you schedule future social posts up to 5-weeks in advance. So you do not have to take time out of every day to curate highly engaging content.


You want to accentuate the positive thoughts and feedback for your audience to easily find. If you have any further questions about generating positive reviews for your brand. Please fill out the form below for more assistance. One of our knowledgable team members will reach out to right away.


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Great Content Marketing = Lead Generation

When it comes to capturing a new customer or prospect online. It all starts with that piece of content that brought them to you.


It is imperative that you take the time to research what products or services are the most popular. And double-down on your social efforts to promote only those (you can promote anything but start with what’s popular).




Use tools such as Canva to design appealing artwork. Or hire a graphic designer (freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr) to photoshop your products. This way they look like they could be featured on the front cover of a magazine! Invest more money now and you will see a great ROI down the road.


Word of mouth marketing is real. By providing an adequate and pleasant experience your customers will create buzz around town if you are really that good.


Marketing is all about lead generation. And what a better way than to have your old customers do the heavy lifting for you.


Lastly, to speak to our team about learning more about creating a positive and impactful brand reputation management strategy. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24-hours with assistance. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this article, we greatly appreciate it!


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