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Brand Reputation and ORM in 2018

How can you create a positive brand reputation online? Monitor your search results, generate positive reviews, and manage your online reputation. Do this to beat and outrank your competition with ease.


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Consumer Perception & Brand Reputation Management

Label reputations can be seen everywhere that is why it should come as no surprise anymore that, if you don’t rank highly on Google, your potential customers won’t find you. Indeed, 91% of people who use the search engines only consult the first page. Not just that, but consumers attach a lot of value to reputation. In 2017, the Reputation Industry revealed that this country’s three most reputable companies are Hallmark, Lego, and Rolex. They are brands that people recognize. In addition, these three brands are solely responsible for building their positive brand online.

Seeing as so much of today’s shopping is done online. Consumers hold the reputation of a brand at a higher value. This is true for organizations of all sizes, who all have to deal with online review sites (i.e. Yelp) and the strength of social media accounts in this day and age. Reputations were managed mainly through PR practices in the past. It is now something that is controlled almost fully by consumers. Online testimonials and reviews are enough to make or break a business nowadays.

Although word of mouth is still valid amongst consumers in 2019, your brand reputation is more important than ever. Happy customers spread the word quickly, once someone has been extremely happy or satisfied with what you offer they will tell all their friends (hopefully).


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As a result, there is now an increased focus for small businesses to monitor their brand online. It is imperative to manage it properly in order for it to grow. Those who do not emphasize the importance of reputation management often have to suffer disastrous consequences, even if they are large, well-known corporations. So, what can a business do to ensure they build a reputation for their brand that is strong and positive?


Negative feedback as a funny way of always appearing at the worse times possible. Make sure to always track yourself online using a free tool such as Google Alerts.


Content marketing is king. Having the ability to publish high-engaging content marketing will make your brand stand out over the long-run. Learning how to properly conduct media monitoring can improve your efforts on obtaining residual visitors and long term clients or blog readers.


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Elements of Positive Brand Reputation Management Strategies 

  1. Transparency. It is vital that any small business is always open with their partners, whether the news is good or bad.
  2. Social Media Account Marketing. Businesses are now expected to give back and to improve the world as a whole.
  3. Integrity. In order for partners to develop trust in business, their product or service, they must believe that the communications of a strong brand have integrity.
  4. Being inspirational. A strong brand must inspire its consumers to be, feel, think, and act better.
  5. Staff. People care about employee engagement. They want to see small businesses who treat their staff with respect and who focus on their happiness.


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Branding Impacts of Online Reputation

Brand reputation management planning is an essential strategic element of any business’ marketing and management strategies (especially automotive reputation management). Again, users tend to never venture past the first page of Google so you need to be found there. No longer can businesses react once something happens, they have to be proactive at all times. Unfortunately, even a single negative result can lead to a huge negative impact, no matter how much has previously been invested in creating a beautiful narrative in the past. We see this happen every day on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (Read the dos and don’ts of Facebook internet reputation management)

As a result, it is essential for small businesses to develop their corporate reputation. And to see this as an ongoing and consistent process. If something does go wrong at that point, it will also be much easier and effective to react.

Solutions to improve your strong brand include:

  1. Respond to any negative testimonials politely and quickly. Remaining calm and to inform consumers that their words have been heard. Let them know the business is doing what they can to resolve the situation. Respond to each individual negative review on social media accounts. Even if it means the same person on multiple social platforms. Try to take the conversation offline. This takes the conversation or argument offline in order not to cause more damage to a business’ reputation management strategies.
  2. Understand why people leave negative comments. This is an opportunity to not just repair the issue, but to resolve future issues as well. Perhaps the consumer has an issue with potential customer experience or with shipping processes, for instance. Understanding what the heart of the issue is can lead to long-term solutions and proactive actions.
  3. Engage in search engine optimization (SEO). It is crucial for a small business to dominate the first page of Google with positive information.
  4. Media monitoring a brand’s reputation in a proactive manner. Even if a business has never been the target of a complaint or bad review. It is important that they continue to monitor their online reputation regardless of review websites, social media accounts, and more. Not only is this an opportunity to find negative comments when they occur. But it also means that a business can connect with their own strong brand ambassadors.


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Creating a Strong Brand Reputation with NetReputation

Businesses must understand that the power of the consumer is greater than ever before. If they wish to ensure they develop and maintain a positive online brand. Companies must also change how they acted in the past. By committing to improving what they did in the past. Social marketing is giving individuals more power than ever online. Only those companies that can understand this and react to it properly will continue to sustain themselves.

Learn how to push down negative google results. Remember to keep in mind, content creation and extensive content marketing can easily help to design your small business’ goals and show your customers what directions our brand is heading towards.

Please contact us today if you are struggling with a negative reputation online. What do you have to lose? Give us a call today. If you are struggling with negative photos, articles or even in need of a Ripoff Report Removal call us now (844)-461-3632

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