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Is it possible to remove arrest records online in 2019? Absolutely, you just need to know where to go. Let us walk you through the steps you can take to remove arrest records online today.


If you were arrested in the United States, odds are your mug shot and arrest records are online. Discover how to triumphantly remove arrest records on the internet by utilizing a reputation management company such as NetReputation, or trying to do it on your own. 


After years of practice in changing and reconstructing Google search results, you won’t have any questions after reading this entire article so stay tuned and get ready to relieve yourself of the past.


Every day thousands of people are unlawfully arrested. Or better yet, their allegations and charges were abandoned almost instantaneously. However, these individuals are still struggling with their pesky mugshot(s)  online. 9/10 mugshots rank on the first page of Google!


Possessing a mugshot online can be extremely harmful to your overall progress not only in your career but in life in general. You can rule out finding a more desirable career path, purchasing a new house or if you’re single, online dating may be difficult. 


Everyone races to Google for solutions to all of their issues. Our job here at NetReputation is to ensure that your data is up-to-date, relevant, and most importantly, positive, giving you another opportunity to achieve things without your past holding you back.


Before we jump into how to remove arrest records online, let’s discuss the reason for why your mugshot is emerging on Google.


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Why Are Arrest Records Online?

Regrettably, mugshots are deemed public knowledge to the United States government. This implies that anyone with a connection to the internet can easily obtain your arrest records in just a few clicks.


Formerly, mugshots were not as easily accessible as individuals would have to order them or visit the county of the clerk office to request a copy of a distinct individual’s criminal records. 


These inquiries are usually pertaining to employment applications as well as housing agreements. File for either or and you may have to undergo a background check.


Back in 2005, we began to see more and more “mugshot websites” appearing on Google, such as,, and 


These are sites where individuals just like you or I would be published on if we’d ever been arrested.


Right like that, criminal records from years and years ago were starting to rank highly on Google. This began hindering individuals’ employment opportunities, housing, and relationship opportunities for millions of individuals. Remember, most of these individuals resolved their cases and had their charges dropped, dismissed, expunged or sealed from the county records.


remove arrest records online

remove arrest records online



At NetReputation, our team of specialists works 24/7 to eliminate unwanted and negative mugshot publications. We do this with the use of our effective legal team. Results are typically seen within 1-2 weeks (7-14 business days).


Top 9 Act Exemptions

  1. The data that is correctly shown in the matter of national security associated with Administrative Order 12958.
  2. Arrest records in reference to only internal organization laws and tactics of a firm.
  3. Data exempted from release by law.
  4. Trade secrets and the company or monetary information which could be detrimental to the competitive characteristics or company values of an organization.
  5. The honor of the deliberative or policy-making rules within the business by releasing from necessary disclosure opinion, results, and references included within inter-agency or intra-agency records or reports.
  6. The data that would create a clearly biased invasion of the personal privacy of those affected.
  7. Information or data obtained for law enforcement use only to the release unless demanded.
  8. The data that is added in or related to criticism, operating, or status analyses prepared by, or for the implementation of a company in charge of the management or directive of financial groups.
  9. Locational knowledge and data, including maps, concerning specific regions.


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Finding Mugshots In Google Images

If you have not yet discovered your mugshot(s) on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Try looking now. Open a new tab and head over to Google.


One of the most effective and efficient ways to uncover your arrest record information online is by typing in the following. 


*For the purpose of this example please switch your full name where we use ‘John Smith


After you land on Google’s homepage, there is a search bar where you are able to type in keywords and search for anything you desire. 


You do not have to go in order however here are some of the most popular ways we find arrest records on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


*Type in your name instead of John Smith and use the quotation marks to narrow down your results.


  • “John Smith ” arrest
  • “John A. Smith ” arrest
  • John Smith Florida” arrest
  • “John Smith Sarasota Florida”
  • John Smith ” mugshot
  • “John Smith ” arrested
  • … there are endless options, however, you get the point


Detailed Guide to Remove Your Arrest Records:

So let’s dive into how you can exactly remove arrest records. Here is our detailed guide.


The first step in the mugshot removal process is, of course, to locate your mugshot online. Once you have done so, please ensure that you are searching for many variations of your name. 


It is more than likely that the county or one of these mugshot publication websites misspelling your name and reversed the order (last name, first name). 


The goal here is to locate EVERY WEBSITE you appear on. Or else this process is pointless. We would hate for you to play what we call a “whack-a-mole” situation. This is when you remove a singular mug shot only to see another appear a week later.


So by finding them of your mugshots at once, you can rest assured knowing all your arrest records and mugshots will be removed online.


Wondering what some of the mugshot websites are? Here are a few of the most popular mugshot publication websites (no particular order).


How To Remove Arrest Records Online

How To Remove Arrest Records Online


Step 1: Review Policy Privacy & Guidelines of Websites

All mugshot publication websites have a Terms & Conditions page or a Privacy Policy Agreement, this is where you can gain contact information, steps on how to remove, and much more.


If you have been fortunate enough to have your charges dropped, dismissed, and even expunged, some websites may take that into consideration and remove arrest records about you for free. 


If you have located any contact information at all, be sure to reach out to them as soon as possible. You can start by calling or sending them a polite email with your documents enclosed. 


You may have to send several emails before you get any sort of response. Just imagine who many other individuals are attempting to remove their information. At times the website owners may simply ignore them all so it is important to stay persistent


If you cannot find their contact information on their contact us page or any others there is a very helpful chrome extension you can utilize. It is called, (click here to download Chrome extension), this tool will automatically prompt you with any available email addresses associated with a particular website. This is a quick and easy way to gather contact information on anyone. 


Step 2: Reach out to Website Owner

If no options appear in you will have to use a WHOIS tool to discover what their contact information is. Please note this only works if the website is public, as most of these are private domains. However, we highly suggest that you use DomainTools or ICANN for your efforts.


Once you have obtained the webmaster’s (site owner’s) contact information the next time is to reach out. Start by sending a brief email (or voicemail) introducing yourself and why you feel your information should be removed. This is when you should attach any and all documents and send those. 


As we previously mentioned, the owner might be busy so remember to send multiple emails and switch up the wording so they don’t think you’re a robot.


Sometimes all you have to do is be polite and not demanding. Do not threaten or demand that your mugshot and booking information must be removed. However please keep in mind that these websites are under no legal obligation to remove arrest records online. Therefore, sending them an aggressive email will more often than not, find its way right into their trash or spam quickly.


On another note, if your arrest information is a decade old and you have had no other conviction or arrested you have a better shot at removing your information. Typically mugshots that old do not drive traffic their website, we refer to these as “dying page”.


Step 3: Setup Social Media Profiles

If you are an average person, not an executive at a top-level firm or a celebrity the odds are your web presence is slacking. This can go either way. Either you have nothing about you online or the one negative thing referencing your name is on page one. 


Almost half of all U.S. adults that have Google their names reported that the results were nonexistent, irrelevant, or negative.


By creating lots of social media accounts you are creating a “flood” per se. This is when you upload tons of new content about you online so Google now has content to show on page 1-2 when people search for you. 


You can accomplish this by uploading photos and articles about yourself to Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, and many other social platforms. These types of social sites rank favorably in the eyes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Below is a list of the best ten do-follow social media platforms we profoundly suggest you build these platforms for you when working on how to remove arrest records online and from the first page of Google.

  1. Facebook
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Messenger
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Google+
  6. Twitter
  7. Instagram
  8. Pinterest
  9. Snapchat
  10. Quora



Step 4: Monitor Your Google, Bing, & Yahoo Results

Next, after several weeks you will begin to recognize that your search results are shifting around in regards to your name.


The most crucial idea to remember is that whenever you are dealing with solutions to alter or suppress search results is that the process takes time. You WILL NOT see instant results with online reputation management. ORM is a continuous effort to improve your appearance online.


The same goes for creating social sites, you will not see the links populate in Google right away. However, with consistent posting and engagement, you will slowly but surely make your way to the front pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 


Roughly every few days or once a week (depending on their schedule) Google Support will recrawl the search results. This means they will scour all of their index pages and look for those websites or pages that have been removed. 


This, of course, results in them removing theirs for Google’s database.


Tip: Do not repeatedly visit your mugshots within Google (we mean click and view them). When you do you are essentially letting Google know that you are “very interested” in that particular image or webpage. If done over time the webpage will gradually increase in rankings.


We suggest that you Google your full name on different devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc) in more than one location (using Wi-Fi of course) and click on the new content you created.


Whether this is on Facebook, Instagram, and an old news article about you. The more locations where you can do this the better. It will notify Google “people” (i.e. you) are searching for that positive news in various locations.  This increases your chances of ranking positive content higher.


By routinely observing your Google, Bing, or Yahoo search results you are also able to immediately see any recent negative mugshot publication so you can address them accordingly. However if you were just arrested, after 2 weeks just assume your mugshots are online and look.


Visit Google Alerts and insert your name to be tracked. Use different spelling and nicknames you have to increase your monitoring efforts. 


This free tool will instantaneously send you email notifications the exact moment a new piece of content is published online in regards to you. (Read more on how to properly use Google Alerts here)


Remove Arrest Records Online The Easy Way

At this point in the article, we have uncovered why your mugshot is online, what steps you can use to remove arrest records online and tips to observe and maintain your positive search results to ensure that this never happens to you again. Granted you are never arrested again. *Knock on wood*


Also even if you don’t invest in our award-winning arrest record removal solution, our team of specialists will accompany you through supplementary means you can take in order to reconstruct Google search results to be more in your favor.


Mugshots are funny to see when it’s about a celebrity figure, nonetheless, ensure that you know your alternatives if this ever happens to you. 


The internet can be a ruthless beast if you are not careful. You only have one chance for a first impression, do not let past mugshots hinder your chances at finding success.



Related Questions

What guilty allegations do mug shot publication websites NOT remove?

  • Murder
  • Violent Domestic Abuse
  • Abduction
  • Sexual Cases


How long does it take to remove arrest online from start to finish?

Commonly, if a website proprietor accepted your arrest record removal request it may take upwards of 3-5 business days to remove arrest records from their website.


Ultimately, Google will take action anywhere from a few days to several weeks to make changes within their search results. However, rest assured if the information was indeed removed the content will eventually fall off of Google.


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