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There are dozens of websites devoted entirely to providing individuals the chance to give their feedback on any particular product, service, business, and even another individual. 


If a negative review or remark surfaces on Google, it may feel like a personal attack. 


Nevertheless, while it is never fun to be criticized online, it is crucial to recognize that you can transform something negative into something that is positive.


When people criticize companies online, they do so because they need to be heard. The most detrimental thing you can do is neglect them. This suggests to both the individual who posted the negative information and others reading it that you do not care about them or their encounters with your brand/company. 


Always reply in a suitable and sensitive way. As this will hopefully help you to shift a negative into something positive. 


Research has shown that a simplistic response can change a negative review into a positive in 33% of cases.



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How to Turn a Negative Review into a Positive One

One fundamental idea is that you have to acknowledge any disgruntled customers and do it as quickly as possible. The faster you are able to discuss things, the more flexible the position will become. 


Assure that you have all the appropriate data on hand and begin by amending any misunderstanding that subsists. Make sure to leave a personal response as that confers that you have adequate customer service systems implemented.


To do this, you need to ask relevant questions. This also provides you a chance to genuinely learn from the situation in order to prevent any form of future brand crises down the road.


Your questions should be open-ended, allowing customers to effectively communicate what they truly think and want from your business. If something isn’t transparent in your mind as a business owner you must ask for clarification.


Continually recognize that the customer is always correct. Even if they are wrong on the grounds for their poor review. Their beliefs are true to them therefore, you must take responsibility, even when you’re not at fault. 


take responsbility


Customers anticipate businesses to be liable for what they do and what their employees say. 


Hence, you should not ignore the situation or put the blame elsewhere. But immediately recognize that you could have performed much better. 


Doing so will give you the biggest opportunity of converting a disgruntled customer into someone who may return to your business if the situation was amended properly.


Facts About Negative Reviews

Studies show that for every complaint that is left about you online, eight others who may have felt the same way are keeping quiet.


This is additional confirmation that your customers just want to be understood. So when you approach the matter, you are also addressing all those people who did not take the time to complain.


If the complaint is not valid, you can furthermore attempt to make them feel better. Manageable things such as giving a refund or better yet a discount on a later purchase would suffice.


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Negative Review Online

Negative Review Online


Negative Review Outcomes

In summation, you must learn from what has happened in the past. This is perhaps the most positive thing that can come out of a negative review. Knowing what you can do today or tomorrow to prevent any harm towards your business’s performance.


This is an opportunity for you to prove to the world that you are ready to improve and that you are delighted to listen to anything your customers submit. 


Negative feedback, as such, is a moment for growth that should never be skipping or looked over.


A negative review is, at its core, a morose thought. However, getting is not always a bad thing. It is a chance to do better and to develop so that more customers will acknowledge you and what you stand for. 


Answering in a friendly and professional way to all reviews is a great way to engage with the discontented customer. With that said, wherever possible, try to have these discussions in private.


When answering online ask the customer to get in touch directly. 


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