How to Push Down Negative Google Search Results

How to Push Down Negative Google Search Results

Looking to bury negative press or bad reviews? Getting rid of negative Google search results is an extremely difficult process. Trying to bury or push down these results with branding basics will just not make the cut, which is why you need to utilize online reputation management tactics to take care of those pesky negative results.


Online reputation services can effectively take care of any results you wish to push negative search results down when individuals are ‘Googling’ your business or name. While most individuals will hire an online reputation management firm, there are ways to attempt to take care of these results yourself.


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Take the Search Results Down Directly

The most effective way to negative content removal strategy is to directly remove them yourself. If you cannot, the best alternative is to push negative search results down and off the first several pages of Google.


While this does not work for all cases, it is viable to step to help build your brand reputation online. Before pursuing this, there are a few things to ask yourself:



Did You Post The Content? 

If it was something you posted, whether it was a Facebook post, twitter post, or anything that you have control over, go back and delete it.


There is no need to attempt to bury these results if you are easily able to delete it. While it may appear somewhere else if the tweet was screenshotted or uploaded on other sites, deleting the initial tweet is a step in the right direction of removing the main source of where it was posted.


Did a Friend Post the Content

If a friend has posted anything that you believe could affect your professional future, then ask them to take it down.


Make sure that your friend takes the entire picture or video down instead of just untagging you from it.


Employers or consumers may still be able to locate it with time, and it is much better to remove the entire image itself than simply just untagging yourself.



“Right to be Forgotten” and Takedown Request

In areas like the E.U. and Argentina, check to see if the content you wish to be removed can qualify for Google’s Right to be Forgotten.


If you are located in the United States, you can look up Google’s legal reasons for removal and follow any steps for submission.



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Pay for an “Instantly Fix Your Negative Search Results” Service

If you are not in direct control of the content that individuals can view on Google, then you may be thinking it’s time to pay for an “Instantly Fix Your Negative Search Results” service.


These services are usually very expensive depending on the agency you select and can take an extensive amount of time to remove the results if you are not careful. However, here at NetReputation, we work with every client to make each reputation solution affordable for all by offering 0% interest payment plan options extending in upwards of 12-months if need be. We understand how troublesome negative posts online can be, finally, there is a solution for everyone.


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Most of the time, the service takes longer than working to bury the negative Google results directly, also known as suppression. This is because site owners are not as receptive to the thought of removing content from their site that they have spent time and money creating.


In most cases, it takes anywhere from 2-7 days to make contact with a specific website owner. Also, it can take time due to the lack of frequency that their email or other various forms of contact information are checked.


It is also important to avoid the scam consisting of removing any negative Google search results overnight. This is completely ineffective and the sites use black-hat SEO practices that attempt to trick search engines in the short term but ultimately will resurface down the road months later. It takes Google roughly 2-3 days to update their results so a 24-hour solution is impossible.


By utilizing social media, custom-built websites, and press releases we are able to quickly outrank the negative content online and replace it with nothing but positive results.



Run a Social Media Campaign

Running social media campaigns can be very helpful to build your online personal brand. Having said that, using this method should be handled appropriately and only should be used in specific cases.


This method is usually used after you have already spent time building your online reputation. This will aid in presenting positive, long-lasting changes over time. By far, this is one of the most effective foundations for pursuing the creation of a positive image online while working to fix your negative information.


While this does not directly bury Google results, it can affect your campaign indirectly. Running a social media campaign creates traction for a specific goal. In addition, it sends signals to search engines that can’t hurt your efforts in creating an online positive image.


In much simpler terms, running a social media campaign enables more people to see your content. Therefore helping to rank positive pages. Ultimately pushing down the content of your negative Google results.



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How to Push Negative Search Results Down Far!

Overall, the best and most effective way to combat any negative results is by suppressing them with positive results. Creating pages that you are in control of, running social media campaigns, and engaging in social media sites. These combined will push those type of results for your business or your name to the top. Thus burying any negative Google results deeper. There are many negative social media impacts that can be detrimental to your business.


What does this mean exactly? This means you must create various social media platforms and actively engage if its users. This can be accomplished by posting frequently, sharing ideas, blog articles, and asking your followers what they want to see.


Social media platforms are another great option for curating reviews and online feedback. 90% of consumers reference a review platform before making a buying decision. So it is important that you work to increase your reviews day after day.


Going on social media platforms and engaging with communities will create a network of relevant and accurate content. That will begin to rise higher on Google when individuals search for you. This will also aid in eliminating any future negative information that is posted up about you. These overwhelmingly positive results will stay toward the top. Continuing to push the negative results further down.


Save yourself time by just being patient and utilizing this strategy. Ensure that you are maintaining a positive online image for your future employers or consumers.



NetReputation – Contact Us is an online reputation management company. Who works around the clock to effectively eliminate any negative information about you online. Online reputation management is key for businesses that wish to take control of the online conversation. Find the best reverse SEO strategy to hide all your negative information online. Our reputation experts can adequately enable you to fix your reputation in the following ways:


  • Establish a positive online reputation
  • Bury Negative Press Articles
  • Learn how to generate more positive online reviews


Fixing your online reputation is no easy task but here at NetReputation, it is all that we do. Make sure that you are presenting the most positive image of yourself online. For more information on online reputation management, click here!


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