What To Do If You Can’t Remove Information Online

What To Do If You Can’t Remove Information Online

The internet has become the world’s primary resource of information. Whether it’s catching up on the latest news or reading customer reviews for your next lunch, people rely on the internet for valuable information. 


Although it may be beneficial to some, the internet has made life hard for those struggling with a negative online reputation. 


What To Do If You Can’t Remove Information Online>


Take Lance Armstrong; for example, because he tested positive for using banned substances he was stripped of all his titles. Not only did he face public embarrassment, but he also lost eight sponsorships that estimated around 150 million dollars. 


Our society has less patience for people with a negative online reputation and can set their life back. If you have been impacted by harmful online content and have tried everything you can to remove it from Google – fear not! 


Here are some digital strategies you can take to minimize and control the damage. 


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Use Suppression When You Cannot Remove Information Online

Search suppression is strategically working toward outranking bad publicity. 


Publish attractive and keyword-targeted content that exceeds unwanted online sources to push it further down the Google search results and hopefully out of sight. 


The more compelling, original, and relatable your writing is then the higher Google will rank your content. 


Even if people still read the negative content, it gives them more than one perspective to think about. 


While you can’t always remove every article of negative content, search suppression gives you a fighting chance to regain authority over your online reputation. 


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Is Suppressing Private Information Online Unethical?

Let’s be honest and ask yourself this. Do you trust everything you read on the internet? 


Unless you paid no attention to your high school English teacher, most likely not. The internet is an outlet where anybody can express their honest opinions on any subject. 


Unfortunately, not everyone on the web is out for society’s betterment; hundreds of thousands of internet trolls can write malicious content and false information without any repercussions. 


Search suppression allows victims of online attacks to fight back. On the other hand, rather than take responsibility, some may be practicing search suppression to cover up their wrongdoings. 


So, the ethics around it should be determined case by case. It would be disingenuous to neglect both sides of the argument.


Remove Information From Page One of Google By Promoting Positive Content

Not only do you want your content to be seen first, but it should incorporate positive content. 


Don’t be shy! 


In a world where bad news can overwhelm our phone notifications, it’s very refreshing to read good news once and awhile. 


Promote your successes and achievements, such as awards, charity events, or anything that you are proud of. 


When people get to know you and see what you’ve accomplished, the public will be more likely to trust you and have a good perception of you. 


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Using Social Media to Remove Information Online

People generally form a concrete opinion about someone once they get to know them. An active social media account helps you create a positive organic connection with people without having to meet in person. 


As opposed to advertisements, people are more receptive to social media and allows you to respond to users on a personal level. 


Studies found that in 2019, 79% of the United States owned a social media account, estimating about 247 million users. 


Aim to achieve an extensive network of supporters to cultivate a positive online reputation that will put any negative publicity into question. 


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Routinely check online communities where you’re being talked about and respond appropriately. 


Responding to negative feedback allows online users to see from your perspective and shows that you value their opinion. 


Like any debate, if you lack an appropriate argument, spectators will automatically side with the opposition. A strong social network presence can shift the tide in your favor and ultimately restore a positive image. 


Net Reputation Removes Content, Private Information, & Public Records Online

If you don’t have the time or expertise to manage your online reputation score, many people usually work with a reputable company. 


They will work to improve your public relations with valuable entities and evaluate your situation to assess your specific needs. 


Online reputation management companies will provide you with experienced digital specialists to execute and monitor your online reputation progress. 


Thoroughly research your options and choose a company that you can trust and understands your needs.

Are You Out of Online Removal Options? Try This…

In closing, as superficial as it may sound – reputation matters. People and businesses rather not be affiliated with someone known to have a bad reputation. 


In today’s world, your personal information can be accessed from anywhere on the globe within a few clicks. 


Take action and stop letting your negative online reputation get in the way of what you want to accomplish.


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Here at NetReputation, we understand that marketing your business takes a lot of time and is no easy task. Work with a team of online reputation management experts that are dedicated to your success. We are committed to grow and/or create your online reputation.


  1. Research: We will identify critical problems and areas that need attention. After performing a thorough evaluation, we work closely with you to determine the best solution for your personal or business needs.
  2. Development: Our team works to create custom websites, optimized social media profiles, develop quality blogs, and other digital assets you might need.
  3. Improvement: The team proceeds by publishing every approved content with a suitable, high authority target, and routinely checks them to optimize its performance. 
  4. Monitor: NetReputation will set you up with an email notification system if anything negative should ever reappear online. We will ensure our customers are satisfied with our service and complete all their needs.


Our goal is to provide world-class Online Reputation Management Services to our clients by utilizing the latest technology and processes. 


We work to restore, improve, or create an online presence for businesses and individuals through various methods.


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